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USS James K. Polk Ship's Store

Quality James K. Polk Products
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 SSBN 645 Ship's PatchDuring the Jimmy K.'s  illustrious 33 year career she was home to many submariners.  Her missions were diverse and ever-changing over her many years of service. Her young crews, from the first sea trials to her final cruise, continually brought merit upon the ship, the fleet, and the nation they served.

Here is a chance to capture a piece of the Jimmy K.'s grand history. For those shipmates who served aboard her, the perfect chance to acquire a memento of their youthful service to the nation. Join us as we proudly salute the old girl who took us where few have journeyed and brought us again safely home to those for whom we served. Order your piece of history today!


USS James K. Polk (SSN/SSBN 645)
Ship's Store

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USS James K. Polk SSBN 645 Challenge Coin
Don't be caught at the reunion without yours!

$24.75 ea.



Official USS James K. Polk Crew's Cap
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Official USS James K. Polk SSBN Ballcap

Hey, looky here shipmates - we're not the spritely young lads we once were, sporting a full head of hair! Protect your brain pan with one of these high-quality Jimmy K. Polk ballcaps! 

Enlisted $21.00 ea.
Officer $21.00 ea.


[Not Shown]

Official USS James K. Polk SSN Ballcap

Same as above in the SSN flavor. 

Enlisted $21.00 ea.
Officer $21.00 ea.


Personalized USS James K. Polk Subwear

Hats, T-shirts, Golf Shirts, Henleys, Sweatshirts, Windbreakers, & More!

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SSBN 645 Ship's Patch

SSN 645 Ship's Patch

USS James K. Polk (SSN or SSBN) Ship's Patch 

$9.50 ea.



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